Austin Parenting Classes and Services

Austin Parenting Classes and Services

Parenting by Connection Spring Series

I have been hearing from parents that they are feeling the stress of many things pulling at them in this wild ride of parenting and would like to be enjoying it more.

How about you?

  • Could you use some new tools in your parenting tool belt?
  • Would you like a little help with power struggles or frustration with behavior issues?
  • Are you feeling stuck and need some fresh thinking?
  • Would you like for your relationship with your child to feel closer, more loving, less stressful?

With YOU in mind, I’ve put together some classes that I’m calling my Parenting by Connection Series designed to help you understand your child’s behavior and feel more confident as a parent about steps you want to take to support your child and nurture their development and your sanity. I hope you can join me for one or all four.

Listening, Connection, and Intelligence; How They Work Together

Research shows that the intelligence of both parent and child is strengthened in relationship, not in isolation. The way we tune in and listen to children and adults can look very different and it is not just about what is said, but also how, when, and where. In this class, you will learn about the neuroscience of connection and the life-changing power of listening. We can learn to listen to our children, ourselves, and others in a way that actually reduces tension and improves judgment, clarity of thought, and the ability to regulate.

Why We “Lose It” With Our Children and How We Can Get It Back

Parenting is often stressful and virtually all parents have moments that they wish they could go back and do differently. This class will help you understand your own parenting triggers, where, and why you “snap,” how you can keep from getting there as often, and how you can repair when you have.

The Purpose and Power of Special Time; Creating a Designated Space of Laughter and Play

We’ll discuss the importance of a type of play that we call Special Time, that provides a foundation for a trusting relationship in which your child can show you what’s really going on in their world, can try new things, overcome fears, build confidence, and undo the tension that builds within children in our fast-paced lives. It also improves cooperation and joy in the family and can reduce aggression.We will discuss how to set up Special Time, what are some of the common roadblocks for parents, and how and why to make it a staple in your household.

Why Your Child’s Behavior Derails and How to Get Them Back On Track

During this class you’ll gain an understanding of the roots of aggression, tantrums, fears, inability to cooperate or get along with others, sibling rivalry, and other rigid behavior, from a neuroscientific perspective. Learn what your child is signaling and ways to set limits that actually address what’s behind the behavior, so you can stop “putting out one fire after the other.”

Understanding and Nurturing Boys Parent Support Groups

There has been a LOT of discussion lately about raising boys who are whole, happy, healthy, and empathetic. As the mother of two boys, I have been on the lookout for insight in this department for many years myself. It is one of the areas I am most passionate about as a parent AND as a parent educator.

During several recent classes I led on this subject, it became very clear that parents could use some support. You all have a lot on your minds.

My primary goal is to provide a safe space to share the heartaches, joys, victories, and challenges of raising a son in today’s society amid the often harsh and restrictive “boy code.” I aim to provide a deeper understanding of what’s at the root of their behavior and how parents can set limits with love, that work.

Each month you will learn specific strategies that can improve the connection and communication between you and your son, that will also help him out in the world with peers, school, and other social settings. When we get together the following month you’ll get to share successes and roadblocks you encountered with these strategies, and get ideas for what you can try next.

We’ll discuss some of the hot topics that came up during the classes… wrestling and roughhousing, what to do when your son “shuts down”, media portrayal of hyper-masculinity, gunplay, identifying your son’s particular “bids for connection”, aggression, and more.

You will have access to our own Parents of Boys Facebook page for discussion, questions, and thoughts.

If you’d like to join a group in the future or have a group of parents who would like to come together with me as the facilitator, please contact me at [email protected] to let me know.
To be held Southwest Austin.

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