My husband and I recently took Kirsten’s Parenting by Connection Starter Class. We had never taken a parenting class before, but were entering into a transitional time for all of us as my son started kindergarten. Kirsten’s compassionate, playful and insightful understanding of children (and their parents!) was nothing short of relieving for us. We could suddenly comprehend, appreciate and have tools to deal with our son’s day-to-day excitements and frustrations. She helped us to get out of our own way and be the kind of parents we knew we could be. Now we have the free attention to really enjoy this age and the precious time we have with our little one, while he’s still little!                                                                                                                                                 -Jennifer, Austin, Texas

I just wanted to thank you for tonight’s session, I appreciate your counseling so, so much! You got me *just* where I needed to go. I was all bubbly and effervescent when I came out of the room and joined my family, and i saw my kid’s eyes sparkle with marvel over my relaxed and clear attitude. I love it!!!                                   -Mariana, mother of 2, Germany

Kirsten is one of the most talented parent educators I’ve worked with. Her ability to listen and respect caregivers really comes through in her presentations. Her wealth of knowledge and her compassion for the work of parenting are her trademarks.                                                              –Mary Robinson, Parent Outreach Coordinator, Family Connections Center

…I can’t begin to tell you how much the class, the support calls, and the tools have been working to change my life. I’m facing (with full emotion) years of trauma that (despite years of therapy) had not yet been dealt with. I am completely convinced that the practice I’ve gained through the listening and sharing, created within me the strength and confidence to face the yucky stuff in my past. I see a totally free woman emerging.  I sincerely appreciate your work and support.                                                        -Tara, Mother of twins, Arizona

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m so glad I found your class. It’s made a world of difference in the way that the kids and I interact.
-Greg, father of 3, Austin, Texas

Unlike other parenting classes I have taken that are heavy with theory, this course was full of practice and practical examples of how to work through difficult times with my children. I learned concrete tools that I use daily to understand what is happening when my children or I go off track and actions to take to keep the connection.
                                                                                             -Rebekah, mother of 2, Austin

Parenting by Connection has been by far the best approach to understand and connect with my kids. We listen better to each other and to our emotions. We have become less judgmental and critical and more compassionate towards our children and ourselves in our conquest to become better parents every day. By recognizing our kids desire to love and be loved, to be in balance and in peace though their behavior may say the contrary, we have come to a much deeper awareness and appreciation of who they are as human, emotional beings, whether they are few weeks old or seven years old, or teenagers. Though hard at times to fit in our lives, play is much more important in our lives and continues to be a personal journey that helps us become less “right” and more connected. I truly recommend the Starter Class to anybody that deals with kids. Kirsten is a wonderful role model on the Parenting by Connection Approach principles and creates a safe environment to explore our values and beliefs around parenting.
                                                                                                   -Leyla, mother of 3, Austin

Each year we begin with a staff training session and it has to be a great one. I look for something to fire everyone up, give them great ideas, and get the creativity juices flowing. Kirsten came highly recommended, has excellent credentials, and we were not disappointed. She is adept at tuning into the needs and interests of her audience. Her manner is respectful, easy, and extremely knowledgeable, she relates to her audience in a way that opens them up and has them involved in the presentation. I poll staff…Kirsten Nottleson was the number one choice as being valuable and hopefully a repeat presentation. I hope to make it our standard Orientation Training
                                       -Sharon Coleman, Director, Westlake United Methodist Preschool


Kirsten’s parenting classes were an enjoyable and even enlightening experience. I learned some thing about myself and/ or my two daughters at every class… (they) gave me ways of connecting with my older daughter, disciplining more effectively, exercising our bodies and brains, and handling tantrums. …provided out of the ordinary solutions that are relevant, practical, and immediately usable to make our lives better, backed up by references to various studies on children, brain research and human development. I got a lot of encouragement, and realized that only a couple of small changes can make a big difference in my abilities as a parent.”                                        -Eleanor, parent, Austin, TX

Everyone who has attended walks away with great information and skills that they can apply right away. She is very good at keeping everyone’s attention and definitely keeps the training fun! I highly recommend her for any center that is looking to perk up their staff with some great trainings!                                                                                                                                                        -Michelle Moran, Director, Circle C Child Development Center

Our teachers enjoyed Kirsten’s new ideas for science exposure in the classroom. Presentations have been well planned, organized, and fun. We appreciate the useful handouts and good tips from her presentations.”
                                           -Paula Hetherly, Director, Riverbend Child Development Center