Kirsten Nottleson is the proud mama of two sons, 18 and 24 years old.

She has been playing and working with children, parents, caregivers, and teaching professionals since 1993. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education, has facilitated 1,000s of classes, and even a couple of radio talk show gigs. She was a preschool teacher for seven years and has worked extensively with families with substance abuse issues. She is especially proud of her Peer Education Parenting Curriculum that she helped develop and brought into 14 Texas prisons, training inmates to listen to one another to help each other heal. Her work is based on the Hand in Hand Parenting Approach  which she believes to be nothing short of Peace Movement in Action.

She is passionate about Play, Emotional Release, and Connection.

She understands that parents want their children to be happy, healthy, and have good, big lives. She sees that most parents are working under significant stress, with insufficient support. She helps parents understand their own history, build a support networkand add playfulness to their family life in order to parent more consciously and effectively.

Kirsten LOVES teaching all kinds of workshops, especially ones that involve Play, Pillow Fights, and Wrestling.

Listen as she describes the use of one of the Listening Tools, Staylistening 

Read about Kirsten’s use of Parenting by Connection in her family on our blog.

Listen to Kirsten speak on KPFA’s Thresholds show where they discuss “What Children Need and How Parents Can Give That to Them”

(You’ll need to scroll up to 1:45 min. to get to her segment, that is unless you want to hear some groovy theme music and the Houston weather report).

Hand in Hand Workshops offers a variety of Services, Classes, special classes, and topics for parents and teachers with a focus on nurturing the relationship between children and caregivers. Topics include Play, Discipline, Sibling and Social Issues, Development, Classroom and Home Environment, Connection, Brain Science, Emotional Safety and Release, Laughter, Creativity, and Attachment.

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