Building a Listening Partnership; Getting the Support You Deserve

Building a Listening Partnership; Getting the Support You Deserve

Plan to offer again in 2024, please contact me if you are interested.

Do you ever find that…

  • You feel lost, confused, alone, angry, scared?
  • Despite your best intentions, you end up yelling, losing your temper, or doing things that don’t align with your parenting beliefs?
  • Does the busyness and stress of life feel overwhelming?
  • Have you been trying Hand in Hand tools but big feelings come bubbling up when you try to implement them?
  • Does Special Time feel super boring or does play not come easy?
  • Do you wonder if Staylistening with your child is doing more damage than good?
  • Do you waffle when it comes to setting a limit?

Parenting can be hard and confusing and exhausting.
You want to enjoy your relationship with your child and you deserve support that can make that happen!

Listening Partnership is a game changing tool that offers support, attention, and care in the places you feel stuck, alone, frustrated, and the myriad of feelings that come with parenting. Any parent can use this tool to feel more confident, relaxed, patient, and compassionate with yourself, your child, and others.

We will meet weekly to discuss, ask questions, meet with other parents, and get listening time with an experienced Hand in Hand Instructor. I have been doing Listening Partnerships for 23 years and it has perhaps been the single most important factor in enabling me to be the kind of parent I want to be.

Some of the things that will be included:

  • Why you can’t help but lose it with your kids sometimes.
  • How emotional hurts get passed down in families and how you can change family patterns.
  • Guidance on how you can offload tension caused by grief, anger, guilt, frustration, fear, and exhaustion.
  • Real life examples of parents working on trauma, and ending the cycle of abuse and neglect in their families.
  • Tips on how and when to use your listening skills with your family.
  • An online classroom full of great information, concrete examples, and the wisdom of Patty Wipfler’s 40 years of experience teaching Listening Partnerships to parents.

This class is for anyone new to Listening Partnership, anyone who just finished a Starter Class, or anyone who’s been doing it for a while and wants to learn more and deepen this practice.

No experience necessary! 

I hope you can join me for this life changing course.

5 Thursdays (plus an individual session with Kirsten) November 2 -December 7, 2023 (no class Nov. 23)

9:00-10:00a US Pacific/ 12:00-1:00p Eastern US/ 5:00-6:00p Central EU 

$290 USD

Questions? Contact me and I’m happy to help.